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Custom Closets Plano for Inspired Living

Organize your place and get more space for your personal belongings with Custom Closets Plano. As specialists in all organization solutions, we make sure that we design something that fits you, your budget and your lifestyle.

Our personal approaches to new closet design Plano TX set us apart from other local providers. Contact us for more information.

"We met an excellent design consultant. At the same time, we also had a great talk from the very beginning. We were amazed how they managed our concerns without hesitation." - Lannie M.

Custom Closets Plano

Every closet designer Plano Tx working for us knows how dedicated we are in serving our clients. With the help of our specialists, we are able to create the most functional and the most gorgeous wardrobe solutions that meet both your needs and expectations.

We are one of the leaders in providing premium quality custom closets for a couple of years. You are warmly welcomed to the growing family of our satisfied clients in different parts of Texas. We deliver efficient solutions to maximize your space and minimize your storage problems. All you need is to give us a call today to begin the process of making your dream closet design.

About Custom Closets Plano

The way you begin your day in the morning and end at night has a huge effect on many aspects of your life. It can affect your emotional health, your productivity and performance at work, your household routines, and of course, your life’s overall quality.

When you live in a perfectly organized setup, you get to enjoy the benefits of a calm and peaceful mind. You become more relaxed and more focused. All these factors are crucial in maintaining a good household and even a successful business. This is the reason why we have established Custom Closets Plano.

Our custom closet is inspired by our client’s unique lifestyle and personality. Since our birth as closet builders, we develop affordable and realistic solutions in creating personalized closet organizer systems.

We decide together on using high-quality materials and products that complement people’s personalized accessories and style choices. We make sure that every piece stands the test of time and accommodate the user’s needs. Our mission is to assure our clients that they can achieve a luxurious organizer system that begins and ends the day perfectly.

We offer a variety of types of closets Plano. From kids closets to walk-in closets, our team has cost-efficient solutions for you. In our portfolio, you will understand the reason why our clients choose and recommend us.

Why Choose Us?

Show off your unique style with the help of our closet designer Plano TX. Bring out your ideas and get inspired with our collection of closets system. If you are still doubtful of our capabilities of creating the best organizational solution, consider the following elements that have been proven by our previous customers:

  • Product Features – When talking about features, look no further. This time, no more asking ‘do the custom closets near me have the best features?’ We will give you an immediate idea on what you are going to get when you order a closet cabinet design from us. The key features of our products include central islands for function and beauty, doors made of mirrored inserts or custom glass, multiple hanging areas, full-length mirrors, adjustable shoe shelves, and more.
  • Fast and Efficient Work – Depending on the type and design of your closets Plano, we can get the job done faster than expected. The simplest type and design may take at least a day. Then, you will get an upgraded space in only one day.
  • 3D Design Customization – Our closet designers will collaborate with you to get a fully personalized design as you ever wanted to have. Meet our professionals and let them what you have in mind and we will fulfil your dream Plano custom closets.

What To Expect?

Working with us is pretty simple and easy. It only takes four quick steps and you will soon have your brand new custom closet organizer.

Our initial step is scheduling an appointment with our closet designer. This also serves as the consultation day when we both decide on the best design, features and accessories based on your needs and style. We will take measurements accurately.

Then, we will proceed to the picking of door styles and designing the closet. This is the most crucial part of the process since we will base the coming procedures in this part. We use 3D technology applications in designing and adjusting the measurements. Of course, we need your opinion regarding the size, measurement and design of your Plano custom closets.

After approval of the actual design, our designers will check on the doors measurements. Take note that we also do it digitally. With knowledge in 3D custom design, this process is fast and easy for our professionals. We make sure that we will come up with the most accurate measurements. Well, there is nothing to worry because our company is the home of the most skilled professionals in the country.

The final step is installation of the closet by our closet installer to your place. Then, it is ready to use.

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Closet Services

It is your chance to add great value, extreme comfort and extra luxury in your home with an all-new custom closet organizer system. We offer a variety of services that match your standards. Take a close look at what we can offer you.

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Custom Closet Design

Our custom closet design features custom-crafted cabinets, round corner hanging spaces, adjustable angled shoe organizers, and durable drawers and doors. We also have a vast selection of custom accessories for innovative and unique storage solutions. All our closets are designed for individuals and families of any size. We also make customized closets for local businesses.

walk in closet designer plano

Walk-in Closet Design

If you have imagined a walk-in closet and have it in your bedroom, we can do it for you. We make the most beautiful walk in closet design that you will ever see. Your walk-in closet is also a place for beauty and organization. We can add LED display lights to highlight the attractive hardware and the wardrobe. We can also add other essential elements such as an island area for display and extra storage, seating, or a built-in hamper for your laundry.

reach in closet design plano

Reach-In Closet Design

A reach-in closet may not be as luxurious as other affordable closet systems. However, it serves as the backbone of home storage strategies. You can use it in your bedroom, bathroom, hallway, entryway or kitchen spaces. It is the ‘standard’ closet in many homes but it is often outfitted with great luxury features. Many people choose a reach-in closet solution because they increase their home’s value, they get luxurious amenities and they double the storage through wasted space elimination.

wardrobe closet systems plano

Wardrobe Closet Design

Take your wardrobe closet to the next level. You may not have sufficient space for a built-in closet, but you can still get an efficient and attractive storage for your new wardrobe closet. We offer total customization which includes precise size for perfect fitting in your space. We also include hanging space, cabinets, shelving racks and other features you want.

kids closet design plano tx

Kids Closet Design

In making a kiddie closet, take note that it should be fully adjustable. If you need the best and most durable one, you should request it from us. We integrate all the necessary cabinets and accessories including fully adjustable shelves, hanging areas, and baskets. You can keep every piece of toy, sports equipment, book, and clothing in this closet organizer.

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About Plano TX

Plano is on the top nine as the largest city in Texas. It has a population of 288, 539 in 2020 with a current annual growing rate of 0.08 percent and it is the 71st largest US city.

This city has been known before as a small farming community and later, transformed into a popular city. It is because Plano TX has smart people with a great quality of life. This offers an amazing job market.

Plano TX belongs to the nicest places in the US to stay for families. Through this city, the locals can access all DFW metropolitan area’s amenities.

Some of the cities surrounding Plano are:

  • Garland TX
  • Richardson TX
  • Allen TX
  • Sachse TX
  • Addison TX
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do you get the products for custom closets near me?

We have some local business partners who help us supply premium quality materials. They offer these products and materials at a very good price, so we are able to render services with competitive pricing.

Can I return my closet after installation to your closet builders near me?

Since each closet we manufacturer is fully customized or made-to-order, it only fits your preferences and home only. This is not something that our company can put back into an inventory. Thus, our manufactured items cannot be refunded.

Is it possible to move the closet organizers near me?

The closet installation should stay intact in the original location for your warranty purposes. If you must take it down and reassemble because of remodelling and other concerns, we are continuing the warranty if the installation team manages the deinstallation and reinstallation of the closet system.

Do you use high-quality materials for the closet organizers near me?

Absolutely! We give a lifetime warranty on all products that we install and manufacture.


I love the final look of my custom wardrobe closet. There are many closet organizers near me but they weren't able to give this type of service.

Priscilla B.


I was worried things weren't going to fit in the budget. However, I was wrong. With this team, I was able to get a luxurious closet at a good price.

Rachel N.

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We are so grateful for our customers who have trusted us with their custom closet needs. Now, our firm is continuously growing and we have extended our services to other cities in Texas.

We have a professional customer care team that will respond to your questions easily. We see to it that you get satisfied with our responses and overall services. Custom Closets Design Plano can get started by getting our contact details. Feel free to dial our number or send us your message using our online form. We will only be requesting you to fill it out with your basic details and specific message. Then, we know how we can help you.

You may also send us a message if you want to request a free estimate or book a schedule for consultation.

Custom Closets Design Plano

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